Our SMART Insurance covers repair costs of minor damage so your BMW leaves a lasting impression.


Small scratches, scuffs and dents can all occur to body work as a result of everyday driving. They are not only unsightly but have a negative effect on the value of your car. In the past, cars in need of cosmetic repair would have been sent to a conventional body shop, meaning that you would be without your car while the repair took place and potentially facing a large bill. Thankfully, many small scratches, scuffs and dents can be fixed using SMART Repair technology – and we will cover the cost. 

The SMART Repair concept was originally created to offer the motor industry a fast, cost effective solution to assist in the cosmetic repair of used vehicles. SMART Insurance now lets you take advantage of this new solution to ensure your vehicle always looks great by repairing minor bumps and scratches as they happen. 


  • Applying as an individual, you are a resident in the United Kingdom, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man; and
  • You are applying as a company, that company is registered in the United Kingdom, Channel Islands or the Isle of Man; and 
  • Insuring a private car registered in the United Kingdom, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man; and 
  • Not purchasing a vehicle which is a commercial vehicle, emergency vehicle, taxi courier vehicle or a vehicle for hire and reward or driving tuition.  


  • Unlimited number of claims with a maximum of £1,000 for any one repair, and a total of £3,000 maximum claim limit.
  • Scratches, minor dents, and scuffed bumpers not exceeding 30cm in diameter.
  • Where damage falls within the parameters of the policy, but cannot be repaired using SMART repair techniques, you will receive £150 towards a bodyshop contribution .
  • Cover for 36 months. 

SMART Repair Insurance covers you for a sudden and unforeseen event resulting in accidental damage to your vehicle, which can be described as one of the following: 

  • Scratches – A scratch to the vehicle body panel not exceeding 30cm in length, not deeper than 3mm, and not extended over more than two adjacent body panels. 
  • Minor dent – A dent to a metal body panel not exceeding 30cm in diameter, where the panel has not been ripped, perforated, or torn. 
  • Scuffed bumpers – Damage up to 30cm in diameter, 3mm in depth and sits within one body panel. 
  • Wing mirror cover repair – Scratch or scuffed to the plastic wing mirror cover up to 30cm in length and 3mm in depth.


  • Damage which is not repairable using SMART repair techniques or would require a body shop due to the extent of the damage.
  • Damage not reported within 30 days of the incident occurring, or is deemed to be general wear and tear or neglect.
  • Stone chip damage.
  • For minor damage that involves accessories, door mouldings, window mouldings, lights of any sort or any window panel.
  • Any damage to your alloy wheels, mouldings, locks, handles, or caused by stickers and decals.


  • Notify the administrator immediately after an incident which has resulted in damage.
  • Claims can be logged on their website at, where a confirmation of the process and a claim form will be issued.
  • The completed claim form and supporting documentation should be returned to the administrator for assessment.
  • Additional details of the claim process can be found in the policy document for this cover.