Tyre and Alloy Wheel Insurance

Tyre and Alloy Wheel Insurance

Alloy wheels make your car look great; however, scuffs and scrapes can be a frustratingly common occurrence, leaving your wheels damaged and unsightly. The problem is that when they’re damaged, your vehicle not only loses its shine, it also loses value. Now with Complete Wheel Protection you can keep your wheels in pristine condition for up to 36 months. The policy covers the cost of repairs for up to 10 individual alloy wheels, up to a value of £150 per claim. That way you can ensure your new car looks its best.

• Up to £150 per alloy wheel claim. • Up to 10 alloy wheel claims. • Painted and diamond cut wheels are both covered. • Cover for 24 or 36 months.

• General wear and tear or neglect. • Road traffic accidents. • Damage caused by using your tyres at an incorrect pressure. • Theft of alloy wheels. • Manufacturing defects. • Chrome wheels, or wheels of a split rim construction. • Damage caused by a 3rd party for general maintenance. • Commercial vehicles weighing over 3.5 tonnes. • Tyres which are below the legal tread limit at the point that damage occurs.

Replacing a damaged tyre on your vehicle can be costly and it is particularly annoying and disappointing if that replacement is due to no fault of your own. With Complete Wheel Protection you can protect yourself against such unexpected costs with no excess to pay. Complete Wheel Protection covers both accidental and malicious tyre damage. Cover also includes the cost of puncture repairs (but not the cost of roadside assistance).

• Cover for £100, £175, £250 or £350 per tyre replacement, depending on policy selected. • Up to 5 replacement tyres. • Unlimited puncture repairs. • Cover for 24 or 36 months.